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Shanghai Optical Illusion Gallery 1

Shanghai Bund Starry Sky Optical Illusion Gallery 上海外滩星空错觉艺术馆 ingressos

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  • Distrito de Huangpu

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Journey from present to pass in a world of twinkling illusions.

Your Go Shanghai admission includes

  • General admission to the optical illusion gallery

Tucked away within Pier 16 on the Bund, the Shanghai Starry Sky Optical Illusion Gallery is an Instagram dream come true. The immersive light-focused exhibit makes for gorgeous backdrops and an all-encompassing illusion experience.

The exhibition is broken down into several different booths – some interactive, and some purely photogenic. Walk through rooms with floor-to-ceiling twinkling lights, a tilted room, the Big Feet Room, and even a room that has been transformed to an indoor garden.

Allow your state of mind to be altered and awe at this one-of-a-kind optical illusion gallery.

Shanghai Bund Starry Sky Optical Illusion Gallery highlights

  • Starry Sky 3.0: this 20 sq. m. exhibition space brings the outside world of constellations indoors. Dazzling fairy lights hang from top to bottom, changing colors in accordance to the mood music that plays in the background.
  • Vincent Van Gogh House: see how Van Gogh’s most famous works have been converted to optical illusions.
  • Big Small Room: you need at least two participants to enjoy this room fully. The art painted along the walls is meant to distort size, shape, and height.
  • Mirror Room: full of reflective surfaces, this room will throw you for a loop and make for a great photo op.
  • Wisteria Garden: here’s your chance to stroll through an indoor garden.
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    Diariamente, 10 : 00 sou- 8 : 00 pm. Última entrada em 7 : 30 pm.


    Floor B2, Shiliupu Wharf
    No. 531, Zhongshan East Second Road
    Huangpu District, Shanghai

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