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Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World is an underwater oasis that will transport you from land to sea as soon as you step through the door. With interactive touch tanks, tanks you can quite literally become a part of and an array of displays from across the globe, this aquarium is one you must add to your Shanghai bucket list.

Whether you’re a passionate animal lover or you’re just looking for something to do on your trip, Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World is a great place to be. With over 10,000 marine creatures of over 1,500 different species, there’s plenty to see and learn.

The giant aquarium campus is divided into seven themed exhibition halls: Dance With You, Penguin Paradise, Shark Ramp, Deep Sea Secret, Colorful Coral Belt, Seahorse Kingdom, World Tropical Rainforest Wonders, and Touch The Star Zone. Each hall showcases species from different ecosystems, continents and habitats. You’ll encounter fan favorites like the Hedgehog puffer fish, clownfish, Sea Moon jellyfish, Sand Tiger sharks, and Spotted Ring penguins.

You’ll love the chance to come nose-to-nose with the ocean’s most notorious predator in the shark tunnels. If you’re feeling extremely explorative, play around in the touch tanks. Feel the slimy backs of sting rays, seahorses and sea urchins. Every step of the way, you’ll be able to interact with these beautiful sea creatures that hail from all over the world.

In addition to the top-notch exhibits and habitats on display, Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World is also a great place to learn more about what we can do to protect the ocean and its inhabitants. Throughout the day, you’ll find that there are talks, presentations and shows that can help you learn more about preservation, namely through the Breeding Rescue Protection program.

The Breeding Rescue Protection is an initiative started by Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World that aims to healthily breed endangered species, protect those in danger of extinction and rescue any sick or injured marine animals. Through the state-of-the-art, interactive exhibits, Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World’s team goal is to help visitors understand the marine environment and how we can do our parts to keep it clean.

What your Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World ticket includes:

Turn a day in the park into a day under the sea at Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World. Your Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World tickets include general admission to an underwater paradise, entrance to the White Beluga Performance Center and the Art Aquarium.

You have access to all seven of the themed exhibits, as well as plenty of dining options and activities to participate in throughout the day.

Most importantly, you'll be able to catch a Beluga show at at the largest performance center in Shanghai. The expert staff and animal trainers at the aquarium will work with the marine life to entertain and educate you. Our favorite show is the White Beluga exhibition. Watch as the gorgeous creatures jump in and out of the water, get fed and play with each other.

At the Art Aquarium, discover how art and life under the sea come together to make a beautiful combination of displays and masterpieces. Each room of the four different themed zones aims to highlight the bright colors, textures and shapes of the underwater world.

It is very easy to spend the whole day exploring the aquarium and its inhabitants.


  • Dance With You: this exhibit quite literally puts you in the tank with swallows, bovine snot, leopard clams and more. Kids will be able to climb through tunnels and look out into the tank from underneath in a glass-encased portholes.
  • Touch The Star Zone: Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World is the first aquarium in Shanghai to introduce touch tanks. Submerge your hands in the tanks full of starfish, red snails, hermit crabs, sea cucumbers and more. You’ll also find that there are a few mission for you to solve here: find lost treasure chests, escape the mini tidal waves and waterfalls or take control of a submarine station.
  • World Tropical Rainforest Wonders: this collection of tropical species includes Giant Sculpin, freshwater squid, freshwater White Fish, Red-Tailed catfish, Asian Small-Clawed otters and Silver Dragon fishes. These species come from all over the world but share similar habitat needs.
  • Seahorse Kingdom: seahorses are just as majestic as the horses on land! See them flutter about their tanks at Seahorse Kingdom. The aquarium is home to two different species: the Cao Hailong, known for its uncanny ability to disguise itself as seaweed and the Expanded Hippocampus, known for its protruding belly.
  • Colorful Coral Belt: the most colorful of the displays, this themed area showcases fluorescent coral collections and beautifully-patterned fish. See Blue Rounds, Round swallows, Fire Point snappers, Long Fin cutters and Hedgehog blow fishes.
  • Deep Sea Secret: you’ll find some of the most well-known marine life here. If you’re a fan of Finding Nemo, don’t miss the clownfish display. Other notable sea life stars include Sea Moon Jellyfish, Surabaya Rose fish, Yellow-Tailed Owl fishes and Gold Dragonfly fish (its local to China!).
  • Shark Ramp: be brave and visit the underwater worlds apex predators. See Nurse sharks, White Point eagles, and Sand Tiger Sharks. While none of these species of sharks are particularly aggressive, it’s still interesting to see how they interact within their habitat.
  • Penguin Paradise: who doesn’t love penguins? At Penguin Paradise, learn more about the Spotted Ring penguin, commonly known as the African penguin, and watch them interact with each other and their environment.
  • White Beluga Performance Center: this gigantic performance arena is where you'll find beluga shows happening throughout the day. Watch as the trainers instruct these playful creatures to jump out of the water, give gentle kisses and splash around.
  • Art Aquarium: located right next door to the performance center, the Art Aquarium is a great place to bring the kids. With four themed zones that aim to inspire the artist in all of us, the Art Aquarium is a fun place to get hands-on. See fish tanks in colorful rooms, create masterpieces of your own and experience 3D enhanced showcases.

Tips for visiting:

  • Wear comfortable shoes – the aquarium’s complex is rather large and you’ll be doing a lot of exploring in the different exhibits
  • Make a day of it. Shanghai Chengfeng Ocean World is located in Changfeng park, which is a giant public greenspace in the city filled with many things to see and do after your trip to the aquarium.

Fun facts:

  • Shanghai Chengfeng Ocean World offers additional experiences like aquarium sleepovers and animal encounters that you can add on for an additional fee.
  • The White Whale Performance Hall is the largest exhibition center in all of Shanghai.
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Entrando em

Redeem your pass for an admission ticket at the Scenic Ticket Office located at Gate 4 in Changfeng Park.


Diariamente, 8 : 30 am- 5 : 00 pm. Última entrada em 4 : 00 pm.


451 Dadu River Rd
Putuo District, Shanghai

Transporte público

Bus: 1, 44, 67, 94, 754, 837, or 846
Metro: Line 13 to Da Du He Station, then walk North for about 20 minutes.

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