10+ Things to Do in Orlando with Kids During Your Vacation

Planning a vacation to Orlando? Orlando is a renowned entertainment destination in Central Florida, attracting families from all over the world with its diversity of theme parks, attractions, museums, and much more.

Se você estiver interessado em parque temático de aventura, museu iluminação, ou boa aventura ao ar livre à moda antiga, Orlando obtido o coberto.

If you’re looking for things to do in Orlando with kids, check out this list of our favorite kid-friendly activities, including…

  • LEGOLAND® Flórida Resort
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • ICON Orlando (anteriormente Coca-Cola Orlando Eye)
  • Fun Spot America
  • WonderWorks
  • Congo River Adventure Golf
  • Gatorland: a capital mundial dos jacarés
  • Green Meadows Petting Farm
  • e mais…

Consider adding a few of these kid friendly attractions to your vacation itinerary.

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LEGOLAND® Florida Resort


Love all things LEGO®? Then you won’t want to miss the chance to spend a day at LEGOLAND Florida Resort. This place is the perfect place to take the kids.

From rides and slides to interactive building areas and character meets, LEGOLAND has it all.

Com destaques como emocionantes passeios de montanha-russa para as crianças mais velhas para o aconchegante área de recreação DUPLO para os mais pequenos, este parque tem muito para agradar a crianças de todas as idades.

Don’t miss out on the World of Chima, an exciting area within the park dedicated to the popular LEGO brand. Featuring an interactive water ride, a dedicated play area, and a totally cool 4-D movie experience, the World of Chima is chock full of fun!

Another new fun experience that all your kids are sure to love is the LEGO NINJAGO ride, an immersive video game-like adventure that allows visitors to fight back the forces of evil.

Como entrar: LEGOLAND Florida tickets are included with the Go Orlando Card.

Kennedy Space Center


You won’t want to miss a visit to this “stellar” institution. The home of the American space program for decades, Kennedy Space Center has seen some of the most important events in scientific history, including the launch of the famous Apollo missions and the Space Shuttle Program.

Explorar lugar cativo da NASA como você visita as instalações, maravilhe-se com a plataforma de lançamento, e desfrutar das muitas exposições interativas.

Watch real footage from space, interviews with astronauts, and see actual souvenirs from the Moon! It’s a must do for lovers of science and space.

Como entrar:  Bilhetes para o Centro Espacial Kennedy estão incluídos no Cartão Go Orlando.

ICON Orlando (anteriormente Coca-Cola Orlando Eye)

Uma das coisas mais interessantes para se fazer em Orlando com crianças é dar uma olhada na roda de observação Orlando Eye

Get above it all and get a new perspective on Orlando from 400-feet above ground on ICON Orlando. Kids will get a kick out of saying they took a spin on the tallest observation wheel on the entire east coast of the US.

You’ll get 360-degree views of Orlando’s skyline, nearby theme parks, and beautiful landscapes. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see all the way to Cape Canaveral.

It’s also a perfect opportunity for your kids to get that most-liked Instagram shot.

Como entrar: Ingressos para a ICON Orlando estão incluídos no Go Orlando Card.

SeaWorld Orlando


There’s no place else in the world that quite captures the combination of marine education, wildlife conservation, and pure entertainment like SeaWorld.

Come for the famous Shamu shows and stay for the practically endless rides, experiences, and exhibits.

Meet penguins, dolphins, seals, and so much more. Watch live animal performances, including Shamu’s famous “One Ocean” show, see trainers feeding the animals, go behind the scenes and learn about what it takes to care for these special creatures, and observe their playful behavior in recreations of their natural habitat.

The newest update to SeaWorld Orlando is the Waterfront attraction, which is modeled after a Mediterranean village. It features shops, restaurants, the Sky Tower Ride, and more.

Entrando: Os ingressos do SeaWorld Orlando estão disponíveis com o Go Orlando Card como um complemento especial.

Fun Spot America


Choose from dozens of exciting rides and attractions at this local favorite theme park.

From the infamous SkyCoaster to the iconic White Lightening (Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster), there are plenty of classic amusement park rides to choose from.

Além disso, você também pode desfrutar de uma rotação em torno de suas multi-nível faixas kart, uma sessão de bate-bate com seus irmãos, e voar através do ar no passeio Pára-quedista.

Como entrar: Bilhetes Fun Spot America - 4 Sampler estão incluídos no Cartão Go Orlando.



Para começar, este é provavelmente o único museu de cabeça para baixo que você vai visitar. É cheio de diversão maluco e surpreendentes, exposições inacreditáveis ​​que realmente vai inspirar um sentimento de admiração em seus filhos. Na verdade, existem mais de 100 diferentes exposições interativas, coisas para fazer, e jogar!

Some highlights include a simulated earthquake, an exhibit that measures the speed at which you can pitch a baseball, the chance to design your own roller coaster, and even an indoor ropes course. Now your admission also comes with access to lasertag — the perfect family competition.

Esta atração é tudo hands-on e deixe de ser uma delícia para as crianças de todas as idades.

Como entrar: WonderWorks All-Access Passes are included with the Go Orlando Card.

Congo River Adventure Golf


Who doesn’t love a few relaxing rounds of mini golf? Now at the Congo River Adventure Golf course, you have the chance to take the whole family on a delightful afternoon of mini golf fun.

There are more than 8 locations to choose from, including this one in Orlando.

This is so much more than just a golf course – it’s an entire world modeled after the African safari experience of Stanley and Livingstone, including waterfalls, caves, jungles, and more. There’s also an indoor arcade to enjoy after you finish a few rounds.

Como entrar: Congo River Adventure Golf tickets are included with the Go Orlando Card.

Gatorland: a capital mundial dos jacarés


AKA - a capital do jacaré do mundo. Este lugar tem tudo Gator, tornando-se uma atração por excelência da Flórida e coisa a fazer que você simplesmente não vai encontrar em qualquer outro lugar.

This 110-acre theme park / wildlife preserve showcases these marvelous creatures through exciting exhibits and entertainment options. Of course, they have a few crocodiles, too!

There’s also a petting zoo (alligators are, unfortunately, not among the selected animals), a nature walk, a number of educational wildlife programs, and several popular reptilian performances. If you want to get a taste of the Florida wilderness, this is the place to be.

Seus filhos vão adorar a chance de interagir com essas criaturas aterrorizantes em um ambiente seguro. Além disso, todo mundo adora ficar com um pouco de medo.

Como entrar: Bilhetes para Gatorland Orlando estão incluídos no Cartão Go Orlando.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!


If it’s wacky and weird, it’s probably at Ripley’s. Known for its commitment to the bizarre, this unique institution houses a number of exhibits, attractions, and live performances guaranteed to amaze, inspire, and amuse (and occasionally, gross you out!).

Some highlights of their collection include a fascinating collection of dinosaur fossils, an Egyptian mummy, a real human shrunken head, an entire room filled with illusions, and a ten-foot section of the Berlin Wall. Be sure to bring your camera to this funky attraction.

Kids into nature and science will particularly enjoy the freaky, funky animals, such as an eight-foot long fish, and two-headed calf, and a seven-legged sheep.

Como entrar: Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Orlando tickets are included with the Go Orlando Card.

SeaWorld Aquatica Waterpark


Florida is a hot and humid place to be for much of the year, so why not cool off with a visit to the refreshing and exhilarating Aquatica Waterpark?

Run by SeaWorld, this fun park is exclusively dedicated to figuring out all the most creative and exciting ways to get you wet!

Há uma abundância de coisas para fazer, a partir de toboáguas colossais de jangada e log passeios, este parque tem tudo. Você também vai encontrar uma área de jogo rasa para crianças pequenas, então você não precisa se preocupar se eles não estão se para natação.

Como entrar:  Ingressos SeaWorld Aquatica Waterpark estão disponíveis com o Build Your Own Pass como um combo que também dá acesso ao SeaWorld Orlando.

Busch Gardens


Another icon in the theme park industry. This park is your classic adventure theme park, with coasters, slides, and many other popular rides.

Located in nearby Tampa Bay, it’s an easy drive from any Orlando area hotel and is a great way to spend an entire day.

You’ll find everything from exotic animal encounters to tons of family-style entertainment. With live performances, demonstrations, and interactive exhibits and attractions, your kids will never run out of things to do.

If you’re a thrill-seeker, be sure to hop aboard the new “Cheetah Hunt” coaster!

Como entrar: Busch Gardens Tampa tickets are available with the Build Your Own Pass.

Museu de Ciência e Indústria


Located in nearby sunny Tampa, this esteemed science museum is popular with kids of all ages. Emphasizing the power and importance of exploring the world through the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM), the 400 interactive exhibits at MOSI are among the most impressive, state-of-the-art attractions around.

Alguns destaques incluem o super interativo, colaborativo Idea Zone, o Planetário Saunders, eo Zip Line + Curso de Cordas, além da excelente selecção de filmes educativos disponíveis em seu teatro IMAX Dome.

This attraction is great fun for kids of all ages. Even adults will enjoy the Mission: Moonbase exhibit, where NASA showcases their vision for settlement and life on the moon.

Como entrar: Museum of Science and Industry tickets are included with the Go Orlando Card.

Florida Aquarium


Also located in nearby Tampa, this extremely interactive aquarium is a family favorite. With over 250,000 square feet of exhibit space, they’re able to house more than 200,000 aquatic plants and animals – that’s quite a variety!

A partir de tubarões e arraias para lontras e polvos, praticamente toda criatura aquática você pode nomear tem uma casa aqui.

Some featured exhibits include “Journey to Madagascar,” which includes lemurs, cockroaches, and chameleons; “Penguin Point,” home to some of our favorite cold climate critters; and the “Coral Reef Gallery,” which allows visitors to observe a real live reef up close, modeled after the kind found in the Florida Keys.

The Florida Aquarium also offers opportunities to swim with fish or even sharks!

Como entrar: Ingressos para o Aquário da Flórida estão incluídos no Go Orlando Card.

Passeio de aerobarco Boggy Creek

Excursão de aerobarco ao barco Boggy Creek

Take an airboat ride on an educational and exciting tour through the untouched wilderness of the Everglades, right in Central Florida.

You’ll get a half hour guided tour through the wetlands where you’ll see tons of wildlife, including alligators, turtles, snakes, bird species native to Florida, and more.

You won’t need reservations for this tour, so it’s an especially nice attraction to build into a day where you could use the flexibility with the kids.

Como entrar: Boggy Creek Airboat Tour tickets are included with the Go Orlando Card.

Titanic: A Exibição de Artefato

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit in Orlando Florida

Have kids who are fascinated by the Titanic or famous shipwrecks? They’ll enjoy walking through 20 rooms of interactive exhibits, including full-scale replicas of Titanic’s most famous areas, including the Grand Staircase, the First Class Parlor Suite, the Veranda, Marconi Room, and more.

Professionally trained actors in period costume share true stories of their experiences and what it was like to be a passenger on Titanic.

Fans of the movie will especially enjoy getting to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s costumes and other memorabilia from the famous blockbuster movie.

Como entrar: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit Orlando ingressos estão incluídos no Cartão Go Orlando.

Forever Florida ônibus de turismo

Take a guided tour through a traditional Florida ranchGo on a fully-guided safari adventure through a traditional Florida ranch with over 4,700-acres of seven distinct Florida ecosystems that are home to tons of fascinating Florida animals and plant life, including alligators, black bears, white-tail deer, and hundreds of species of birds.

This two-hour adventure is sure to make memories to last a lifetime, and we know animal lovers will especially treasure this experience.

As an eco-tour, this is also an ethical and responsible option for encountering wildlife and is a good choice for conscientious travelers. It’s great to know that your tour is having a positive impact on the environment and wildlife around you!

Como entrar: Forever Florida Coach Tour tickets are included with the Go Orlando Card.

Green Meadows Petting Farm

As crianças adoram se aproximar e interagir com os animais em Green Meadows Petting Farm

Get up close to and interact with a variety of farm animals at Green Meadows Farm.

Kids will love having the chance to pet and learn about all the animals, including pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, donkeys, and more. They can even take a turn milking a cow.

You’ll also be able to enjoy hayrides, pony rides, and a special train ride. It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon with small children, although of course any older children who live animals will enjoy the nostalgia factor.

Como entrar: Green Meadows Petting Zoo tickets are included with the Go Orlando Card.

Salão Polícia americana of Fame

American Police Hall of Fame ingressos

Crianças e adultos vão gostar de ter a chance de experimentar o que é servir na força policial e aprender tudo sobre a luta contra o crime no American Police Hall of Fame.

You’ll get to sit in an electric chair, try your hand at forensics and figure out who, what, when, and where of a police investigation, learn about counterfeit money, and more.

It’s also a nice tribute to the people of the American police forces who protect us day in, day out.

Como entrar: American Police Hall of Fame tickets are included with the Go Orlando Card.

Let’s Recap

There you have it. Our list of some of the top things to do in Orlando with kids during your vacation.

From the joy and excitement of a visit to the iconic SeaWorld Orlando to the educational fun of institutions like WonderWorks and Kennedy Space Center, Orlando has so much to offer kids of all ages.

These kid friendly attractions combine entertainment, education, and some spectacular sightseeing!

Remember, many of these great ideas are included on the Go Orlando Card, where you can save up to 50% on combined admission vs paying at the gate.

Consider adding a few of these kid friendly options to your upcoming itinerary. Enjoy!

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