Visiting Newseum – Discount Admission Tickets, Tips & More

The Newseum is a unique  institution dedicated entirely to the history of journalism, past and present.

You’ll find a wealth of exhibits, documents, artifacts, and more, all of which tell the story of some newsworthy event, era, or movement.

Além de algumas das suas peças mais icônicas e exposições, o Newseum também dispõe de uma impressionante variedade de componentes e exposições interativas, tornando-se uma grande atração para crianças. É uma maneira conveniente e divertida de obter os seus filhos para a história!

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Tips for Visiting


Crédito de imagem: Maria Bryk / Newseum

  • Consult the Newseum’s website for the most up-to-date information on current exhibits and special events.
  • Se você quiser ver as exposições mais populares, como o 9 / 11 Galeria ou o Muro de Berlim, bateu aqueles em primeiro lugar para evitar multidões mais tarde.
  • You’ll have to go through security to enter the facility, so add in a little extra time to your schedule. The security is similar to airport-style security, so be prepared to have your bags checked, etc.
  • O seu bilhete é bom para dois dias, por isso, se você não consegue ver tudo em uma visita, não se preocupe! Pop para trás no dia seguinte para ver mais.
  • You can save money on Newseum tickets with the Washington DC Explorer Pass®.
  • Be sure to check out the daily Top 10 front pages, selected each day from newspapers around the world! If you want to see all of the front pages that have been submitted to the Newseum, view their online gallery.
  • School groups are welcome at the Newseum, but be sure to make reservations in advance.

Quando visitar o Newseum

During the summer months and around school spring breaks (March through early April), it’s best to visit the Newseum as early in the day as possible. It will take you between 2 and 4 hours to explore the museum fully, so plan to arrive when they open and leave for lunch.

During the off season, you’ll find that it’s less busy during the day and you can visit when it suits your schedule.

O que fazer no Newseum

Enquanto cada uma das exibições e objetos no Newseum valem a pena ver, aqui estão alguns dos melhores exposições em exibição agora.

1968: Civil Rights at 50

Crédito de imagem: Aranha Martin

Crédito de imagem: Aranha Martin

This landmark exhibit showcases the news media’s depiction of the tumultuous Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

You’ll see an impressive collection of iconic images and front pages, as well as magazine covers and other artifacts. The exhibit also reflects upon the heritage of the Voting Rights Act.

The contents of this exhibit change every so often, so even if you’ve visited in the past, it’s worth checking back again to see new photographs, etc.

9 / 11 Galeria

O Newseum é realmente um lugar fascinante.

Artefatos em exposição incluem destroços este do local do acidente em Nova York.

A truly moving exhibit, the 9/11 Gallery features a massive wall covered in the front pages of September 12, 2001 newspapers from around the world.

You’ll also find photography and first-person accounts from journalists who covered the fateful events as they unfolded.

Most poignantly, there is also some fragments of wreckage from United Flight 93 (which went down in Pennsylvania on September 11), battered equipment and packs from a journalist who was killed in the attacks, and a piece of the World Trade Center.

Berlim Gallery Recados

Follow the suspenseful and momentous story of how media coverage and the flow of information contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

You’ll also get to see eight 12-foot-high sections of the Wall, plus a three-story East German guard tower that used to look over Checkpoint Charlie.

It’s definitely worth checking out, as this is the largest unaltered section of Wall outside of Germany.

Cox First Amendment Gallery

The World Press Freedom Gallery, a good companion to the First Amendment Gallery. Image credit: Newseum Facebook page.

The World Press Freedom Gallery, a good companion to the First Amendment Gallery. Image credit: Newseum Facebook page.

Pay a visit to this exhibit to learn about the five fundamental freedoms granted to United States citizens by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

See the historical context of this amendment explained and gain insight into how this landmark amendment is applied today.

This is an especially pertinent gallery in the modern era, as political issues have become more important to Americans than ever before.

First Dogs: American Presidents and Their Pets

Este é para os amantes dos animais entre vós. Veja as imagens e ler histórias sobre alguns dos mais famosos animais de estimação presidenciais na história norte-americana, a partir de Airedale de Warren G. Harding a terrier amado de George W. Bush Barney. Você pode até mesmo votar no seu favorito!

You’ll also learn fun facts about these adorable companions, from the publishing successes of the book “written” by George H.W. Bush’s dog Millie to the history behind Calvin Coolidge’s pet raccoon.

NBC News Interativo Newsroom

Image Credit: Sam Kittner/Newseum

Image Credit: Sam Kittner/Newseum

Everyone will love this immersive exhibit. Pretend to be a newscaster for NBC News, pose for pictures in front of a variety of authentic news screens, and get to see yourself on air!

Plus, you also get to explore the technologies and methods that go into creating a front-page story.

Bancroft Family Ethics Center

Image credit: Newseum

This thought-provoking exhibit highlights the ethical challenges faced by reporters in the course of conducting their research.

Visitors can choose the appropriate ethical response to proposed dilemmas and learn just how difficult it can be to balance finding information with protecting sources, and making the right decision when it comes to ethical challenges.

Atrações Turísticas

Com sua localização conveniente Pennsylvania Avenue, o Newseum é bem perto uma série de outras grandes atrações que podem ser tecidas em um itinerário maior. Aqui estão alguns dos nossos favoritos.

  • The U.S. Capitol building, easily accessible on foot or on a Hop On Hop Off DC Bus Tour, is a favorite with visitors.
  • The National Gallery of Art is a must-see destination for art lovers (and admission is totally free!)
  • The International Spy Museum is only a few blocks away and provides exciting educational content.
  • The National Archives (home to significant original documents like the Constitution) is a good complement to the Newseum.
  • Kids will love a visit to the fun and interactive Crime Museum.
  • The Shakespeare Theatre Company is the perfect place to catch a play while you’re in town.
  • Politicos will enjoy a visit to Madame Tussauds DC, a very politically oriented iteration of the world-famous wax museum.
  • Depending on the season, you may be able to catch a Capitals or a Wizards game at the Capital One Arena.

Lugares para comer nas proximidades

Again, location, location, location. You’re near loads of great options in the heart of downtown, so check out one or two!

  • First, check out the Newseum’s Wolfgang Puck restaurant, The Source, if you’re in the mood to stick with the attraction.
  • Steak lovers with a big budget will enjoy the Senatorial favorite Charlie Palmer’s Steakhouse.
  • Elephant and Castle é uma cadeia pub popular que todo mundo adora.
  • Se você está no humor para alguns pratos leves, vá para Firehook Bakery .
  • Hill Country Barbecue Market really highlights D.C.’s southern side.
  • The D.C. branch of the Hard Rock Cafe is also located just up the street.
  • A área de Chinatown também é preenchido com uma abundância de restaurantes baratos, como cadeia Chipotle e McDonalds .
  • Os amantes da pizza deve definitivamente parar por Caixa de fósforo por algum forno de tijolos pizza deliciosamente crocante.

Save on Admission with a DC Explorer Pass

For anyone who loves the news, social media, history, and more, the Newseum is a must-see D.C. attraction.

Remember, with the Washington DC Explorer Pass® you can save up to 40% on combined admission to the Newseum, plus many more top Washington, D.C. attractions.

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